Dino Read Award is presented at the 44th Annual Fine Designer Crafts Show in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Artist Awards

We take great pride in awarding markers of excellence each year to fine craft artists showing mastery of technique and originality of design.  Below is a description of each award and the recent recipients of these awards.

Craftsmen Choice Award

Exhibiting Artists at the annual Carolina Artisan Craft Market select the artist who has consistently shown quality craftsmanship. $200 award.

Marti Mocahbee; Lisa Oakley, 2015
Amy Flynn
; Michael Costello; Sasha Bakaric, 2014
Andy Smith, 2013
Archie Smith, Sasha Bakaric, 2012
Alan Bennett, 2011

Cedar Creek Gallery Award of Excellence2014 Cedar Creek Gallery Award Andree Richmond

The Award of Excellence is presented by Cedar Creek Gallery as the mark of excellent work deserving of special recognition. $250 award.

Bayley Wharton, 2015
Andree Richmond, 2014
Fong Choo, 2013
Megan Clark, 2012
Michael Brown, 2011

Jan Gregg Award2014 Jan Gregg Award Deb Harris

In 2005, the first Jan Gregg Award was presented to Jan in honor of her commitment to craft and her service to the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Board of Directors for 36 years.  Jan’s dedication and efforts to realize a guild organized by craft artists and for craft artists is greatly appreciated.  $300 award.

Elizabeth Lyne, 2015
Deborah Harris, 2014
Sandra McEwen, 2013
Evelyn Ward, 2012
Elizabeth Lyne, 2011

2014 Dino Read Award to Liz SpearDino Read Foundation Award

This award is presented in memory of and to support and nurture artistic education and achievement in keeping with the joyous creativity and artistic spirit of Dino Read.  $1,000 award.

Deana Blanchard & Chuck Young, 2015
Liz Spear, 2014
Sandra McEwen, 2013
Teddy Devereux, 2012
John Garland & Mary Paul, 2011

The Don H. Johnson Award, Presented by Creative Metalsmiths

2014 Don Johnson Award Chris HorneyThis award was created in honor of Don H. Johnson – whose life was spent in the pursuit of the magic and alchemy of “making”. Don began his exploration in art and the creative process through music and poetry. It was his joy and passion to explore, discover, share and encourage others.

Therefore this award is open to all disciplines of art by the exhibiting artist members of CDCG participating in the show; an organization Don loved and believed in. It is our hope that this will allow others a unique opportunity to further the pursuit of their own passion and self-exploration! This $1,000 award, presented by Creative Metalsmiths, must be used for an educational quest.

Julie Kradel, 2015
Chris Horney, 2014
Betty McKim, 2013
Megan Clark, 2012
Phillip Nolley, 2011

People’s Choice Award

Attendees to the annual Carolina Artisan Craft Market cast a ballot for the winner of this award.  With one vote per person, attendees vote for their favorite artist-booth. $200 award.

Amy Flynn, 2015
Amy Flynn
, 2014