Amy Flynn, Mixed Media Artist

Amy Flynn, mixed media artist, creates amazing found object robots in her Fobots Studio in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Amy received the 2014 People’s Choice Award and the 2014 Craftsmen Choice Award at the 45th Annual Fine Designer Crafts Show in Raleigh.

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    Mixed Media, Sculpture
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Amy Flynn

Fobots are the work of Raleigh, North Carolina artist Amy Flynn.  After over 25 years as a professional illustrator, Amy started making robots to fill the time between illustration jobs. Now, it’s her passion, as it combines two of her favorite pastimes; making things and shopping.

She scours flea markets, basements, internet auctions, and scrapyards for cool old junk. Amy then solders and bolts the pieces together to create sturdy, one-of-a-kind sculptures, never to be duplicated.  Each Fobot is numbered, with a copper plate on its back bearing the word “FOBOT” and its individual number. We call them butt tags. And, just like the tin man, they all have a metal heart inside.

“Here’s what I love: Robots. Recycling. Flea markets. Making people laugh. Working with my hands. Finding a cool vintage item that was once someone’s treasure –a brooch, a toy, a tin–and making it special again, letting it tell a new story. And I love the irony of taking really old stuff and creating robots, which have always been so symbolic of the future. Each of my Fobots has its own story, its own personality, and–like the Tin Man–its own heart inside.”

Warning: Fobots are not toys, they are not functional, and they will not go on a rampage while you sleep. May contain lead solder (duh!), so don’t eat them.

Coconut Grove Arts Festival, 2014, Best Booth
American Craft Council/Atlanta, 2014, Best Booth
Winter Park Art Festival, 2014, Merit Award
Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival, 2014, Merit Award
Fiesta Art Fair/San Antonio, 2014, Creative Expression Award
Cherry Creek Arts Festival, 2013, People’s Choice Award

“Art of the Robot”–i.d.e.a. Museum, Mesa AZ–February-May, 2014
“Art on the Move”–Raleigh, NC–2013
“Art of the Robot”–Appleton Museum, Ocala FL–June-September, 2013