Warner Whitfield, Glass Artist

North Carolina glass artist Warner Whitfield meticulously designs and creates each timeless piece with elements of fire and glass.  His sculptural works of art inspired by nature.

Warner Whitfield

I am working with borosilicate glass and fire creating original sculptural forms that are inspired by nature and movement and designed with the goal of capturing movement, light and simplistic flowing forms.

My sculptures are created without the use of any molds or castings. They are formed by melting the glass into a taffy like texture. With the aid of heat and gravity the glass is gathered, stretched and blown into shape.

Many of my designs particularly those involving floral motifs, are reminiscent in feeling of the Art Nouveau pieces created during the Arts & Crafts Movement of the late 19th Century, yet with a cleaner, more contemporary approach.

I began working in glass in 1972 and apprenticed with master glass artist Fritz Bachman from Hamburg, Germany and established my own studio in 1976. I attended the Portland School of Art and the University of Maine and later pursued studies in glass at two of the world’s most renowned schools, The Haystack Craft School in Maine and The Penland Craft school in North Carolina.

Whitfield’s work is shown in many galleries and has won numerous awards at juried exhibitions throughout the United States. Some collectors and commissions include: Pittsburg Plate Glass, United Technologies, Japanese Embassy, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Martha Stewart, Stephen King and Premier of Newfoundland Danny Williams , also featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.