Steve Noggle, Woodworker

Steve Noggle is a woodworker and turner in Morganton, North Carolina.  His workshop is a depression-era clapboard building, a store his family built to sell their farm produce during the 1930’s.

Steve creates lathe-turned bowls and hollow vessels using primarily local domestic hardwoods such as maple, cherry and walnut. He also works with exotic burl wood from Australia, Africa and South America.

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    Morganton, NC
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Steve Noggle

A lifelong love of wood and trees led to training as a forester, a career in the furniture industry and finally to woodturning. Uncloaking the beauty of the wood grain and forming a shape worthy of the tree it comes from are the goals for each piece created.

The hardwoods I use are both local and exotic, straight grained and figured. All my work is lathe-turned using local domestic hardwoods. Favorite local woods include maple, cherry and walnut. I also work with exotic burl wood from Australia, Africa and South America. I often use the natural edge of the burl, bark included, for the open edge of the finished piece. Many of the hollow forms as well as the natural-edge pieces often have openings and voids created by insects or are figured with patterns created by spalting fungi or ambrosia beetles.

The choices I make while developing the shape of each piece come from the patterns revealed inside the wood itself along with the form that flows from carving.