Janet Harriman, Jeweler

Janet Harriman, Jeweler in Beaufort, North Carolina, creates handmade pendants, necklaces and earrings through forming, texturing and soldering silver or gold and adding enamel, natural gemstones or pearls.

Janet Harriman

My jewelry is created by only me and each piece is designed and constructed with great care. I use the fabrication process which is a direct approach to metal. The metal techniques start with soft sterling silver, gold or gold filled wire or sheet. It is formed, textured and soldered. Patterns can be embossed on the sheet metal with a rolling mill using lace, sandpaper or just about anything. Textures, curves and hollow forms can be hammered into the metal with special forming hammers and stakes.

Settings for gemstones are constructed from flat sheet and soldered to a flattened bottom piece, then shaped to create an open box form. The stone is carefully placed into the setting and the metal pushed against the stone to hold it firmly. The gemstones are natural stones.  Freshwater and Southsea pearls are knotted on silk with special hand-made clasps.The freshwater pearls are from lakes and streams in China.

French enamel powder which is ground glass, is sifted or mixed with water and applied to copper or fine silver sheet. It is dried and fired quickly in a 1500 degree kiln. This process continues, cloisonné wires, gold and silver foils are added. The ancient technique is repeated with each piece fired a least fifteen times or more. The enamel is then ground down to a common level and flash fired. When using enamels, you are working with light rather than color this makes the process magical.