Lois Sharpe, Potter

Inspired by the ocean and summer trips along the North Carolina coast, Durham, NC potter Lois Sharpe creates functional pottery to one-of-a-kind sculptures with her unique barnacle glaze technique.

Lois Sharpe

Sun, sand and surf make for wonderful play.  Some of my happiest memories are the weeks spent at the beach with my children when they were young. Summer play time met year-round work time when I took wonderful memories of the beach and developed a style of pottery to remind me of those carefree days.

To create my pieces, I envision objects that are pulled from the ocean. The barnacle glaze I have developed is the result of years of research and testing. It is a unique combination of three glazes that, on firing produce an intense reaction that results in an unusual barnacle-like effect. The barnacles, which seem to have just emerged from the ocean, have the appearance of the real thing, but are comfortable to hold and very durable.

My pottery has evolved from simple pieces to intricate one-of-a-kind sculpted originals.  Each one is made with attention to detail, form, function, and beauty. I consciously strive to bring fresh ideas to my work.  And, the finished pieces reflect my love for this medium and for the beaches which have given me the inspiration.

Lois currently serves on the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild’s Board of Directors as Chair of the Standards Committee.