Victoria Sexton, Clay Sculptor

Victoria Sexton, clay sculptor working out of her studio in Greenville, NC, uses a white earthenware body and the occasional found object, to build her whimsical, satirical sculptures. Each handmade original work is low fired to readily accept the surface decoration.

Victoria achieves rich matte colors with cold finish surface decoration. She applies a base coat color and then use as many as seven coats of diluted acrylic paint to get the desired effect. She also uses Prisma pencils to add line and textures as well as using Rub and Buff colored waxes. The finish is sealed with a matte medium.

These figurative sculptures are at once both recognizable and unfamiliar – each with its own rich narrative capturing the attention of the viewer!

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    Clay, Ceramics
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    Greenville, NC
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    risqueclay (at) yahoo (dot) com

Victoria Sexton

People ask me where I get my ideas.  Well, after 60 years of existence, I have a lot of material to work with.

I have an unusual technique to make my sculptures.  Clay slabs are wrapped around fabric bags filled with vermiculite.  After makeing the piece, it is cut open, the bag removed and then reassembled.