Sarah McCarthy, Potter

Sarah McCarthy is a potter from Floyd, Virginia.  Working in her studio, Sarah creates wheel-thrown and hand-built functional platters, bowls, mugs and other items for food presentation and daily use.

In her latest work, Sarah is inspired by her daughter’s drawings of nature.  The whimsy of design and bright colors dance on the matte surface of each piece.

Sarah McCarthy

I am drawn to functional ceramics because of its usefulness and its ability to enhance the beauty of a given moment, whether it is in food presentation or drinking a cup of tea. I will forever be evolving my technical knowledge with a ‘beginner’s mind,’ a spontaneous state of being with endless possibilities.

I am driven in the studio by experimentation and creating interesting surfaces. I use the wheel as well as hand build my forms. I apply oxides and slips then apply individual glazes on my designs.

My new work is playing with bright colors on a matte surface. After years of learning to find my way with the clay and making a living with it, I can relax a bit and see things a bit more clearly. I have yearned  for more playfulness and fun in my pots.

The flowers designs are inspired by my daughters drawings and the naturalness of children’s art. There is something very whimsical and pure in children’s art; it continues to inspire me.

I work at my home studio in Floyd, VA. I am a self taught potter who gained my foundation in ceramics from Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Tennesee and from all the ceramic gurus that pass through there. I am also a childrens yoga teacher, mother, cyclist, gardener and lover of movement and meditation.