Ron Lentz, Woodworker

Ron Lentz, woodworker in Midlothian, Virginia creates jewelry and valet boxes and humidors by carefully selecting wood for their color and grain. Each piece is given five to six coats of clear finish, and hand rubbed to a high luster that is as pleasing to your fingertips as it is to your eye.  The jewelry and valet boxes are neatly appointed with natural suede.

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    Midlothian, VA
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Ron Lentz

Boxes have always been a wonderful palette for displaying the timeless, trendless elegance of wood. To achieve that, I have introduced non-geometric, organic elements in a disciplined manner to create personal galleries for prized possessions.

Contour, color, grain, carvings and burning are wedded to yield each piece’s personality while giving order and dignity to the treasures kept within. The wood is vigorously polished before and after applying finishes for a tactile human bond.

I use two finish systems depending on the wood characteristics and/or desired visual effect. After first polishing the wood, walnut oil and wax are applied to fine grained woods to enhance subtle detail and color. When a high depth gloss finish is desired, a 5-coat acrylic finish is applied and hand rubbed.