Robin Ford, Fiber Artist

Robin Ford, Fiber Artist from Tennessee, creates original batik works inspired by patterns found in nature.

Robin’s process begins with painting hot wax-resist on fabric and then dyeing the fibers.  Where the wax is applied the dye cannot penetrate the fabric and the image begins to form. This process is repeated many times for each color used to create the final image.  All wax is removed from the fabric and it is attached to a stretcher and framed.

Robin Ford

Technically, batik is painting with wax on fabric, then dyeing the fabric.  Where wax is applied seals the color under it; as beginning on white fabric, all the wax lines will be white. Next, the fabric is dyed the lightest color; air dried; then, wax is painted where this color is desired. This is the process followed for each color in the painting.  After all the colors are waxed & dyed then the wax is removed and the fabric is attached to a blank canvas & offset in a shadow-box frame for viewing.

Nature is the biggest inspiration for my work.  Natural patterns are fascinating to me.  I love seeing patterns repeated in the micro as well as the micro;  dye dispersed in a sink of water appears the same as smoke rings or cloud vapor in the air! Compare the aerial view of a levee to the daily ocean tide around a rock or shell; check that pattern…it’s all the same! Peace!