Lori LaBerge, Fiber Artist

Lori LaBerge, Fiber Artist creates contemporary fiber art using traditional rug hooking techniques out of her studio in Spruce Pine, North Carolina.  Inspired by the juxtaposition of hard and soft, Lori’s current work are mixed-media pieces using salvaged and new metal parts along with rocks and minerals.

Lori LaBerge

I use traditional rug hooking techniques to create contemporary fiber art.  An interest in the juxtaposition of hard and soft has led to the development of mixed-media pieces using salvaged and new metal parts as well as rocks and minerals.

Inspired by the paths we follow in life, both physically and emotionally, a geometric abstract series includes an exploration of lines, travel routes and patterns.  A second series on abstract figures explores our sense of place.

My process begins with a design drawn out and transferred to a linen or monk’s cloth backing material.  Fabric from bolts of wool is cut to size and placed in a dye pot to create the chosen colors for each piece.  The fabric is then cut into strips and hooked into the backing material.

Textiles are with us day in and day out, creating comfort in our lives.  I love not just creating art, but creating art that is meant to be touched.