Jamie Kirkpatrick, Potter

Jamie Kirkpatrick, potter and instructor educated in North Carolina and living in Colorado, creates ceramic vessels inspired by history and investigation, traditional and contemporary trends in ceramic arts.

Jamie Kirkpatrick

Jamie Kirkpatrick graduated with a Master of Science degree in Geology in 1994 and received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics in 2000, both from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. He currently resides in Golden, Colorado where he is working as a studio potter and instructor.

Historical references establish the foundation of Jamie’s work. It is this rich inspirational history and investigation that allows him to continue to enjoy the creative process. Inspiration come from both traditional and contemporary trends in ceramics and his education and research in geology often combines with these influential trends to achieve a finished product.

The three types of firing methods used by Jamie are conducted in a wood-fired kiln (including sagger containers), a pit-type kiln, and an electric kiln. The wood kiln and the pit-type kiln both possess a revealing nature (what Jamie calls the “painterly” quality) of a recorded history of fluctuating yet enduring internal atmospheric activities superimposed onto the surface of the vessels. The immediacy of the moment captured, which reflects the intrinsic firing characteristics of that particular kiln has been the compelling aspect of these firing methods. The electric kiln can also produce exciting glaze effects such as “oil spot” and crystalline effects within the glaze.

For more specific details about the sagger-firing process, the wood-fired/reduction-cooling process and the soda-firing process please visit Jamie’s website: www.jkpottery.com

As an instructor, the lessons learned from former professors as well as personal developments in teaching have become the foundation for his instruction to others. It is Jamie’s belief that this knowledge needs to be passed on to maintain the strength and recognition of the ceramic arts.