Gordon Batten, Potter

Gordon Batten is a potter at Two Rivers Studio in Western North Carolina.  He creates wheel thrown sinks, dinnerware, lighting pieces and sculptural work inspired by architecture and his love of building.

Gordon Batten

Upon graduating from Western Carolina University in 1976 with a BFA in ceramics, Gordon Batten immediately began his career as a full-time studio potter.  After years of teaching and production work that took him from western North Carolina to the coast and back, he established a clay studio, Two Rivers Studio, in Western North Carolina.

Nature and architecture provide the platform for Gordon’s inspiration, but with an abstract interpretation.  This abstraction allows him to painterly express himself without using realism.

By still making his own clay and glazes, Gordon is able to greater expand on ideas and execute them to his satisfaction in a way that resembles conveying a language by way of color and movement instead of voice.

With this inspiration Gordon creates contemporary wheel thrown sinks, dinnerware, lighting pieces and sculptural work.