Garry Childs, Potter

Garry Childs, Potter for more than 30 years, creates functional terra cotta wheel-thrown pots in his Rougemont, North Carolina studio. Very large pots are constructed using the coil and throw method.

Patterns are carved through unfired glazes before drying.  Additional color is sometimes applied by spraying, brushing and dusting of pigments over the glaze.  This technique creates soft, subtle effects on the pottery.

Garry Childs pottery is sold by the artist at shows, festivals and at Hillsborough Gallery of Arts in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Garry Childs

I began making pots over thirty years ago in a high school art class at the age of 16. While I have learned many things from many people over the years, I am primarily self-taught.

Since 1982 I have been a studio potter producing functional Terra Cotta. All of my pots are wheel thrown; some are “coil and throw”, a technique where a coil of clay is joined to the lip of a thrown form and pulled up to an additional height. Very large pieces can be constructed by using several coils in this manner.

The pots are glazed after drying to a leather hard condition. The patterns are achieved by carving through the unfired glazes into the still damp clay. Additional color is sometimes applied by brushing and spraying pigments over the glaze.

Some of my newest work involves building layers of glaze ingredients, applied by spraying, brushing and dusting to achieve soft, subtle effects very different from my carved pieces.

Art is about touching people. Several years ago I stopped selling through galleries and stores because I wanted to meet, talk with and get to know those people who were putting my pottery in their homes. The people who are willing to make my work, my life, a little part of theirs are by far the most important part of what I do and why I do it.

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