Beth Andrews, Fiber Artist

Beth Andrews, fiber artist in Greer, SC, creates textile collages with fabrics and stitching to highlight color, shape and texture in each wall piece.  Inspired by the natural world and the use of fabrics to touch memories and thoughts of family, love, nurture, creativity and beauty.

Beth Andrews

Color, shape, texture:  my art helps me say things for which I have no words. There is a deep, quiet resonance of “Yes, that’s it.” I hope others hear it, too.

I seldom know where a piece that I’m working on will eventually take me, so I enjoy the process of discovery. It is exhilarating and sometimes frustrating. Each piece challenges me in new directions.

Her current work can be characterized as colorful textile collage.

Beth was introduced to sewing as a very small child. It began with special dresses made by her mother and her grandmother — and a special quilt made from the scraps of all those special dresses. Fabric touches those deep places: family, love, nurture, creativity, and beauty.

Beth is strongly committed to serving the Master Creator and observing His handiwork in the world. Her first career was in telecommunications engineering, driven by the desire to solve intricate puzzles and toy with possibilities. Fiber art is her way to weave all this together — reverence, beauty, problem-solving, and creativity. “It is like going on a trip where the destination is a mystery: exciting, scary, and full of opportunity.”

Beth lives near Greenville, SC, and is a member of the Southern Highlands Craft Guild. Her art is available in several shops around the area, as well as in shows and special events.