Alicia Kelemen, Glass Artist

A glass artist highly influenced by her architectural backgrounds, Alicia’s designs tend toward geometrical forms and pure lines.  She creates fused glass panels and mixed media art for the wall, sculptures and mosaics assemblages.

Alicia Kelemen

Alicia creates kiln-formed contemporary abstract glass art our of her studio K4 GLASSART in Asheville, North Carolina.

Using Bullseye and Enamel-Type techniques Alicia develops different designs, techniques, and materials to bring out the desired optic effects, forms, textures, transparencies, and a wide array of structures and colors.

The result are unique pieces that give the feeling of unity and harmony throughout the glass creation and the metal support. A feeling that is further enhanced by the concentrated strength of the latter and the delicate grace of the former.

“My work is a study of texture, color and light, based in the simplest of geometric forms; here is the possibility of endless variation.”