Deana Blanchard & Chuck Young, Mixed Media Artists

Deana Blanchard and Chuck Young, mixed media artists, work out of their studio Selena Glass & Metal in Burnsville, North Carolina creating metal and glass art of color, light and line.

Deana Blanchard & Chuck Young

Deana Blanchard and Chuck Young are mixed media artists working our of their studio, Selena Glass & Metal, in Burnsville, North Carolina.  Deana has been a professional artist since 1978; Chuck started making art in his youth and earned a BA in graphic design in 1979. They met in 1982, married and began making art together in 1984.

Deana and Chuck’s work combines different kinds of metal and glass. The glass is either stained glass or sandblasted plate glass with 23-carat gold leaf and other types of leaf and powders. Oil paint, thinned to translucency, is also sometimes incorporated. These are combined with steel or copper, incorporating materials typically found in industrial applicaiton, such as re-bar of diamond plate.

Through every phase in making a mixed media piece, Deana and Chuck work collaboratively, from design to completion. Their goal is to make art that conveys the happiness they feel about the world and its processes. They hope their work reflects the lightness, playfulness, and exuberance of life through the interplay of line, color, and light.