Darcy Szeremi, Jeweler

Darcy Szeremi, Jeweler with studio in North Carolina, creates dream and thought inspired jewelry out of hand sawed, soldered and drawn sterling silver, copper, brass and colored resin.  This work celebrates all of life!

Darcy Szeremi

Darcy Szeremi loves all art and especially appreciate and enjoy working with metal.  Her jewelry is fabricated in sterling, copper and brass.  Each piece is sawed out, soldered, and usually chased.

Chasing is a process of drawing on metal with a hammer and hand-held tools.  The colors on some pieces is a resin which is inlayed.  She often uses a matte finish on the silver because of the look of softness it gives.

Darcy’s inspiration comes from everywhere.  Some images are from dreams, some from joy and sorrow, and others are abstract thoughts.  All are done with some semblance of humor; her art celebrates all of life.