Chery Cratty, Fiber Artist

Inspired by the magical, mystical environment around her home on a ridge in Tennessee, Chery Cratty creates her fiber art pieces with plant fibers and pigments.  Defying tradition by stretching this pulp paint beyond the conventional limits, layer by layer she creates richly textured surfaces.

From a distance appearing like a path through the woods or a secret pond, closer inspection reveals the highly impressionistic style of Chery’s technique with this mixed media.

Using primarily a porcupine quill and a palette knife, Chery honors her connection to Nature through creating her own ecologically sound pulp paint in the studio.

Chery Cratty

I am inspired by a deep desire to retain a sense of magic and connection to Nature. I live on a ridge in Tennessee where treetops tower over from the deep ravine filled with hidden paths.

In my art, I translate this magical, mystical environment with colorful Pulp Paint. I defy tradition by stretching my materials beyond the conventional limits of this almost lost art form.

Appearing realistic from a distance, closer inspection reveals the highly impressionistic style created by my techniques with this medium. Painting on a dry background, building layer upon layer, I create a richly textured surface that invites touching.

My main tools are a Porcupine Quill and a palette knife. Pulp Paint is environmentally friendly, consisting of simply plant fibers and pigments. The manufacturing of these paints, which I perform in my studio, is ecologically sound and in keeping with my wish to preserve and stay connected to Nature.

I am playful with my materials and not afraid to take risks. Specializing in path filled landscapes, I also show my sense of humor through paintings of talking fish and animals.

Following my own mystical path through life has led me to this ridge in TN, perched on the edge of a ravine, ready to explore those hidden paths as they are revealed to me.