Tim Britton, Handmade Knives

Tim Britton, metal craftsmen, has been making knives for over 40 years.  His cutlery are in use throughout the world. Tim Britton knives are current with the intricacies and preferences of the custom knife market.  In his Winston-Salem studio he focuses on both traditional style slip joint folders and useful tactical designs. They are top quality knives with flat steel blades and the finest handle material kept thin and sleek.

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    Winston-Salem, NC

Tim Britton

I have been making knives out of my studio in Winston-Salem, North Carolina since 1971.

My work has been featured in all major cutlery publications and is displayed at a variety of shows every year. Britton knives are in use throughout the world and most notably as part of the issue to the palace guard detachment in Ivory Coast, Africa.

A variety of fine materials are used in the handles including gold lip clammother of pearl to some of the gorgeous acrylic stabilized fancy wood burls.  Engraving, 24K gold inlay, and precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies are often added to the design.