Susan Marling, Fiber Artist

Susan Marling, fiber artist in Ackworth, Georgia, creates colorful garments using a marbling technique on silk fabrics. These original fabrics are then designed and sewn into blouses, scarves, jackets, vests and dresses.

Each garment and accessory is an original that can never be exactly duplicated, allowing the collector to showcase a true piece of wearable art.

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    Ackworth, GA
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Susan Marling

Marbled Wearables and Accessories

I create wearables using the ancient art form of marbling. Each piece of fabric is made by floating paints on a liquid in a large tray. I pull custom-made rakes and combs through the floating paints to create a delicate feathered pattern. Then, I lay a piece of white fabric on the floating paint pattern.

These original pieces of fabric are used to create one-of-a-kind garments, which are designed to accentuate the movement of the marbling.  I marble, design and sew all my garments and accessories. Each piece is an original that can never be exactly duplicated!