Phil Woodward, Mixed Media Artist

Phil Woodward, Mixed Media Artist in Tennessee, combines wood and ceramic elements to create sculptural oil lamps that exhibit balance, simplicity and elegance.  Some pieces feature wood panels that are aggressively textured using chainsaws or power grinders.  In addition to ceramic glazes, color may be added using various paints or dyes.  Some pieces are embellished with gold leaf or found objects from nature.  Structural details may include use of steel or copper.

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    Dowelltown, TN

Phil Woodward

Working out of a small studio that I built myself next to a creek, I share my time and energies with a group of friends who all live in the same hollow in rural Tennessee. We share meals and work on projects together, but my studio is my private hideaway.

I want these oil lamps to be used. I use fiberglass wicks that never need to be replaced and include a squirt bottle that makes it easy to fill the lamp. I try to create work that reflects mindfulness and serenity and may bring a little more peace into the lives of those who use them.

I set up at a few art festivals per year. It’s a great way to get feedback. I love it when someone is charging past, not really looking at the booths around them. They’re going somewhere. Maybe it’s the flame, but something registers in the recesses and they stop- dead in their tracks- in the middle of the isle in front of my booth, dumbfounded for a moment, then walk in, with a glassy-eyed wonderment on their faces.