Minh Martin, Glass Artist

Glass artist Minh Martin creates glass stemware, vessels and cameo out of his Romeo Glass Studio in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I use traditional tools and techniques.  Starting with clear glass at 2,000 degrees, detail and color are added throughout the process, using ‘solo’ techniques mastered over years of experimentation.  Metals such as silver and titanium are a signature of my work and create dazzling finishes.   My current collections explore surface design utilizing cameo techniques and precious metal enamels.

The current work incorporates metals such as silver and titanium into the surface design. Techniques are “hot” with the exception of the Cameo Series, in which glass is blown with two color layers and then carved after annealing.

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    Charlottesville, VA

Minh Martin

I work in blown glass, seeking both beauty and functionality. I believe that art/craft is the antidote to the ‘throw-away’ culture and that the objects we surround ourselves with should engage our affection and elevate our collective identity. By making precious and durable objects, we enrich ourselves and ensuing generations.

The Romeo Glass studio is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in a repurposed cordouroy factory. We share the space with potters, metalsmiths, stone carvers, a bronze foundry and a steeple-maker. We work year-round and welcome visitors to the South River Studios.

Minh was born in Vietnam and raised in southeast Asia. He studied Geophysics at Yale University before moving west to apprentice with The Great Bri’oni in Santa Barbara. Upon returning East, he set up shop in the Shenandoah Valley where he currently lives and works. He is married to the artist, Anna Shapiro, and has two children, Sophie and Indigo.