Mary Timmer, Jeweler

Mary Timmer, jeweler in Asheville, North Carolina, creates fine hand crafted rings, earrings and bracelets using sterling silver, gold, pearls and precious stones.  Mary combines artistic designs with technical skill to achieve a look of simple elegance. Classic designs that stay in style. Graceful lines and fluid shapes.

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    Asheville, NC

Mary Timmer

Contemporary classic designs are at the heart of Mary Timmer’s jewelry.  Mary began metal smithing in 1996. After a three year apprenticeship to a well recognized jewelry gallery in her home town of Chapel Hill, she forged ahead with her own designs.  She built her technical knowledge and proficiency through additional education and production work for other distinguished jewelers in the Asheville, NC area. In 2002 Mary established Timmer Designs.

Mary’s work is sold in galleries both local and national. She participates in juries art shows around the US and teaches classes at John C Campbell Folk School. Presently, her studio is located at Curve Studios in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC. She delights in the personal opportunity to see her jewelry appreciated and enjoyed by her customers.

In Mary’s Own Words

“Every time I create a piece of jewelry, I am looking to uncover the softness in metal. From my first inspiration, to concept and design, to the moment I hold the finished work in my hand – jewelers making excites me.  My style is expressed by using a unique combination of forging and hand fabricating. I love creating things that people want to touch, that move or seem to have a natural warmth of their own. With a variety of unusual pearls, precious stones, and fine gold and silver, I am able to accomplish my goal – elegant, finely crafted original jewelry of the highest quality.

My ultimate compliment is when a customer returns and wants another piece or something special for a friend or loved one. My hope is for the buyer to find a personal connection to my work, and to feel as great about wearing the jewelry as I feel about making it.”

Education and Professional Memberships

Mary received a B.F.A. in Art Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  She continued her technical education in jewelry with classes at Penland School of Crafts and a specialists’ degree in Professional Crafts Jewelry from Haywood Community College. In addition to her membership in the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild, she is also a member of The Southern Highland Craft Guild and The Piedmont Craftsmen Guild.