Marianne Shepardson, Glass Artist

Glass artist Marianne Shepardson creates in her Black Mountain, North Carolina studio.  She designs fun and functional kiln-fired glass tableware and lighting.  In addition, Marianne creates non-functional wall art pieces.

Brightly colored iridescent sheet glass are cut by hand. The pieces are then assembled and fused together in the kilns. A second firing slumps the pieces over molds, creating bowls and plates.

Additionally, Marianne is especially drawn to creating pattern with repeating shapes, as well as negative-positive forms.  Inspired by her lifelong quilting practice, she enjoys using bold color combinations for a graphic look.

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    Black Mountain, NC

Marianne Shepardson

Marianne Shepardson remembers always being a “hands-on” kind of person.  She enjoyed any activity that involved making something.  Even as a teenager she created and sold custom designed clothing to a local retailer.

After spending many years working with wood, making furniture  woodworking, furniture-making, interior design and architectural drafting, Marianne discovered glass fusing.  She likes glass working best so far.

Her kiln-fired glass tableware and lighting are produced by cutting and piecing together various colors of sheet glasses.  All the cutting is done by hand and each item is assembled and fused together in the kilns.  A second firing “slumps” the pieces over their molds, creating bowls and plates.

Marianne make pieces that are meant to be used and enjoyed.  She hopes you will do both with one of her glass art creations.