Lynda Bahr, Jeweler

Lynda Bahr, Jeweler in San Gregorio, California, creates beautiful, unique rings, earrings, pendants and brooches, and bracelets with mosaic patterning.  She uses two techniques to achieve this design: mokume gane and roller printing.  Mokume gane, the more difficult of the two,  involves forming a multilayerd billet from colored golds, shakudo and silver. The billet is fired in an electric kiln till the multiple layers of metal form a diffussion bond. This bond makes the layers of metal atomically function as one piece of metal. The billet is carved and reduced in a rolling mill till the desired pattern is achieved.

There are two ways to look at Lynda’s work. On one hand you have the influences to her work: Frank Lloyd Wright, Klimt, architecture and bridges, skyscrapers, nature in all its variations, the California mid-coastal town of San Gregorio, ancient shrines, Florence and Siena, Mokume Gane and Japanese sword masters, medieval mosaics and illuminated manuscripts.

On the other hand you have the results of these influences: strong structures and fine details, texture and simplicity, ancient artifacts and contemporary inspired design, bold and whimsical, colorful compositions, mixed metals, sophisticated, geometric shapes, carefully hand-wrought, wearable art.

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    San Gregorio, CA

Lynda Bahr

Twenty years ago Lynda Bahr switched professions.  She went from being an interior architect in San Francisco to becoming a jewelry designer in the picturesque village of San Gregorio south of the city along historic Route 1. From her years of professional design and technical training, Lynda brought the knowledge and visual sensibilities of an architect and applied them to jewelry.

All Lynda’s work begins as simple pencil sketches but quickly develops a life of its own when translated into metal. She takes the rigid structures of architecture and combines them with nature’s unlimited palette and patterns to form a perfectly balanced, harmonious style.

Lynda received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University in 1977.  She pursued further studies at Hornsey College of Art in London, England. It was during this time she discovered a whole new world. As she puts it, “My life went from black and white to color.” Lynda was able to travel to Florence and Siena which strongly reinforced her love of detail and color.

The architect who has most impacted Lynda both artistically and philosophically is Frank Lloyd Wright. “I love how he created the interpenetration of interior and exterior space, and his sense of scale all the way down to the fine details.”

For example the Marin Civic Center, Taliesin West and the Johnson Wax Building all which have powerful structures yet are complimented by small details and liveability. After all, architecture and jewelry are both designed, built and engineered with the human body as the central focus.

Lynda Bahr Jewelry is sold in fine jewelry stores and galleries around the United States and her work has been featured in numerous jewelry industry, art and craft publications for the past two decades.