Kevin Duval, Metal Artist

Kevin Duval is a metal artist in Wilmington, North Carolina.  He creates large, multi-axis, wall mounted, interactive kinetic sculptures. Each work has several counterbalanced armatures to interact with one another.

Once in motion, the outer shapes form a frame which showcases the linear, circular, and unpredictable movements of the hypnotic central components. A variety of hand formed and ground metals are used along with a myriad of techniques in the creation of these one-of-a-kind sculptures.

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    Wilmington, NC

Kevin Duval

Kevin Duval is a metal artist living and working in Wilmington, North Carolina. He is a self taught artist whose experimentations and curiosity led him to metal work.  As a result, Kevin’s work experience with a variety of materials has honed his design and fabrication skills.

Kevin’s three-dimensional kinetic wall art is often abstract in nature, and composed of a series of colors, textures, arcs and shapes. And, each sculpture is created using salvaged and reclaimed materials including copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, lead and more.  Kevin has videos of his kinetic sculptures in motion: Kevin Duval-YouTube.

Kevin uses a wide range of tools and techniques to form and construct each piece.  His techniques include forging, casting, hammering, welding, braising and soldering.  Conventional mechanical fasteners, such as rivets, screws, nuts, and bolts are also used.

Most noteworthy, Kevin’s one-of-a-kind sculptures blend mechanical components, organically shaped and ground metals, along with the vibrant, transparent colors of alcohol based inks.