John Tobin, Ceramic Artist

John Tobin is a ceramic artist working out of his studio in Chesapeake, Virginia

  • Address:
    Chesapeake, VA
  • Email:
    tobinart (at) cox (dot) net

John Tobin

I see inspiration everywhere and I keep several sketchbooks going at all times.  My smart phone and iPad are great tools for capturing images, ideas, research, and details for later reference in my work.

My lifelong love of learning drives my appetite for continual study through books, noted artists’ work: student, especially children’s art; and classes at university and community colleges.  By sharing techniques and ideas with other artists, gaining inspiration by teaching and taking workshops, I am constantly stimulated and motivated to make art.

With each workshop or exchanges with friends who work with clay, I learn some new aspect of texture, color, or design.  My techniques of sculpting involve a variety of clays and construction methods; oriental coil, slab and mold making.  My finishes have developed from acrylic paint to under glaze over a copper oxide wash, providing a softer, deeper, more interesting finish.