Dustin Wagner, Glass Artist

Dustin Wagner, is a glass artist working out of his Nyminal Glass Studio in Springfield, Ohio.  Dustin creates a variety of original pieces including forms and sculpture, lighting, and tableware.  Each piece has flowing lines of light and color.

  • Address:
    Springfield, OH
  • Email:
    NyminalGlass (at) gmail (dot) com

Dustin Wagner

Blowing glass is a way of life. It is not something I went to school for, it is something I learned through real life living, through the ups and the downs of paying rent, dental bills, heartache, and broken down cars.

I come from a family of workers, an overall a quiet crowd. A people who carve there own path regardless. This is my way, the way of the glass.

I began blowing glass nearly a decade ago. And now with experience at hand, I offer you my work. Flowing lines of light and color that play and bounce, seamless transition. This is the kind of glass that leaves the mind speechless every time you catch a glance, a meditation for the soul.

My work is how I regain strength for the next day. Life is my message and glass is a peace offering to you and myself saying everything is ok. Each piece is blown and sculpted as if it were my last. Thank you.