Bill Hickman, Metal Artist

Bill Hickman, metal artist in Raleigh, North Carolina, creates whimsical sculptures using gas welded fabricated sheet steel and finished by hand painting.

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    Raleigh, NC

Bill Hickman

Bill Hickman decided to become an artist after one of his high school teachers taught him how to weld.  He continued to explore the medium on his own and became a self-taught artist.

Bill considers his approach to art somewhat crude, but his untrained touch gives each sculpture a lively and eccentric look. He hammers, bends, and rolls pieces of sheet steel together and welds them into place. Hickman often incorporates scrap objects, such as saw blades, barbed wire, and nails into his sculptures.

After welding the piece together, Hickman primes the sculpture to prevent rusting and then begins to paint. He uses water based automotive paints for safety and health reasons so that works can be displayed indoors or outside.

The quirky steel figures are an insight into Hickman’s take on society and culture. “I find irony in much of the pop culture we are exposed to from all media,” says Hickman. “If I can provoke humor and make you think at the same time, I think I’ve done my job.” He takes figurative concepts and uses them to comment on culture in a humorous way.