Amy Goldstein-Rice, Clay Artist

Amy Goldstein-Rice is a clay artist in Inman, South Carolina.  She creates ceramic sculptures, figures and animals. Assembled from hand-built and wheel-thrown forms, each is fired with engobes, underglaze and glaze.  Also, Amy adds mixed media and found objects to become a part of the narrative.  Finally, incorporating elements of dreams and the mysteries of nature – her work is at times whimsical or symbolic or both simultaneously.

  • Address:
    Inman, SC
  • Email:
    agoldrice (at) gmail (dot) com

Amy Goldstein-Rice

Clay is an inventive rich medium that offers a generous play of possibilities. In my ceramic figures I can express whimsy and symbolism, sometimes simultaneously.

My figures are assembled from hand-built and wheel-thrown forms.  Mixed media and found objects often become a part of the narrative. And, each narrative sculpture is inspired by elements of dreams, ancient lore, and tales about the mysteries of the natural world. As a result, the finished work is a modern tale about the world.