Penny Atkinson-Potter, Jeweler

Penny Atkinson-Potter is a jeweler, designer, creator, artist.  Working in her Michigan studio, she sculpts each unique piece of jewelry by hand.

Gemstones inspire each contemporary design.  Penny makes use of negative space and textures for contrast.  Each piece is architectural and visually balanced.  A variety of metal colors and stones adorn her one-of-a-kind jewelry.

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    Howell, MI

Penny Atkinson-Potter

I sculpt my one-of-a-kind precious metal jewelry all by hand. My work is clean, fluid, architectural and contemporary.

The gemstone guides the design, one line leading to the next thus allowing it to unfold into its purest form. I make liberal use of negative space, various metal colors and textures for contrast which allows me to visually balance and define the piece.

My techniques include sculpting, casting, fusing, setting, fabricating, assembling and texture.

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