Paveen Beer Chunhaswasdikul, Potter

Built on his experience as an auto mechanic and an interest in all mechanical things, Beer designs and creates one of a kind pottery called metal ware.

These unique pieces are inspired from old rusty metal cans, flame throwers, machines and engines that he finds at yard sales and flea markets. His clay creations are transformed into clay teapots. They are mostly thrown on the potter’s wheel in sections, altered, and assembled with some slab made parts. No cast or mold is used in the process.

Beer also makes traditional pottery including teapots, pitchers, tumblers, mugs and lidded jars.

Paveen Beer Chunhaswasdikul

I make unique one of a kind pottery. My goal is to make pottery that is expressive and fun.

I make my own tools, formulate my own glazes and develop my personal techniques. I think every thing determines the look and feel of the finished pottery.

I make my pottery one at a time putting all my heart and soul in to every piece of my work. So much so, that I often find myself being a perfectionist.

While designing and making functional pottery is fun and enjoyable for me, nothing greater pleasure than watch someone pick up one of my pieces to examine it and then smile their approval.

Paveen Chunhaswasdikul, goes by the name given to him by his father at birth “Beer” for short.  Upon graduating from high school in Thailand, he came to United States to study English at Gadsden State Community College (GSCC) in 1985.  After graduating from GSCC, he enrolled in an art class taught by Steve Loucks at Jacksonville State University (JSU) and discovered pottery.

In 1993 Beer graduated from JSU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. After successful business ventures, in 2002 Beer set up a small studio and returned to working with clay.  Persuaded by friends and inspired by media coverage, now Beer is a full-time potter.