Mia Tyson, Fiber Artist

Mia Tyson, Fiber Artist in Tega Cay, South Carolina, designs felted or knitted merino wool clothing with a sense of movement in each piece.  The asymmetrical structural line of each piece creates a focal point in the front making a streamlined appearance for the garment.

Mia Tyson

My interest in clothing design and construction goes back to my maternal grandmother who was an expert, albeit self-taught, seamstress.  Watching her while growing up in rural Union County, North Carolina, I learned the value and pride that comes from making something well from the best materials that were available to us at that time and place.  She did the very best that she could with what she had at hand.

We now live a truly global economic environment where the finest fabrics (and the cheapest labor) are available from literally anywhere only a few short days removed.  With modern techniques in manufacturing, transportation and distribution, consumer goods are available from places whose names my Granny could never pronounce.  We, in this country, are beginning to question the wisdom, the sustainability, of these practices.

It is from this perspective that I approach this new work.

When you can choose anything, what do you choose?  These were my choices: to design luxurious garments using only the highest quality fabrics made from natural fibers, organically produced to the greatest extent possible, and to use only local craftspeople in their production.

The outer shells are made from felted or knitted merino wool and represent more than 75% of the value of the materials in the garment.  For the provenance of these fabrics, please follow this link  http://www.vtorganicfiber.com/.

I am a ceramist by education and experience.  My work in clay reflects my interest in creating a sense of movement within each piece by merging its shape with the drawing incorporated upon it.

My work in fabric seeks to continue this theme.  The asymmetrical structural line of each piece creates a focal point in the front making a streamlined appearance for the garment and the wearer producing a minimalist effect.  Balancing the strong lines of each piece is the original embroidered drawing.

Classic modern design always stays in style..