John Gunther, Fiber Artist

John Gunther, Fiber Artist, creates abstract to representational works with hand-dyed New Zealand wool and Scandinavian warp surface design weaving or with hand-painted, hand-woven aluminum.

John Gunther, Fiber Artist

I have been a self-taught designer-weaver since 1973. My current work has evolved from my continuing exploration of combining hand dyed wool yarns with the Scandinavian weaving technique of warp surface design called Ripsmatta. The artistry of my hand painted dyes provides an endless pallet of color and tone. The fine New Zealand Marino wool woven in the ribbed textural Ripsmatta weave creates a unique canvas that can range from abstract to representational artwork upon completion.

This unique process insures that all pieces are one of a kind. Variations in the weaving process can create pieces suitable for wall tapestries as well as durable floor coverings. My wall pieces vary from single pieces to diptych and triptychs with multiple layering of pieces to create a 3-dimensional sculptural effect. I typically construct all my own mountings and make my own unique hardwood frames.

Silk – Silk is a new medium for me to dye and weave. Combined with exotic woods, silk provides an excellent material for dyed designs and weavings. Silk launched an immediate Asian flare to me so the first aspiration was that of a kimono form. Silk has brought new directions for me as a fiber artist.

My mind’s eye is always actively searching out inspiration for new work in combinations of color, texture, balance, and form. My current work provides both an exciting creation process as well as a challenging technical application of function and presentation. This is what I have done and will continue to do for the rest of my life.

John Gunther